Carbon Poker Announces Poker Maximus III

Carbon Poker Maximus IIIThe popular online poker tournament series on the Merge network is back – only bigger and better than ever before with 35 events and $1.4 million in guarantees!

The schedule for third Poker Maximus series – which will run from November 29th through to December 9th – has just been announced by Carbon Poker, and includes a wider variety of poker disciplines than its predecessors. Having listened to requests from players competing in the first two series, Poker Maximus III will include two Flop Limit Hold´em events, two Stud Poker events and four Pot Limit Omaha events in addition to two HORSE mixed poker tournaments.

The feature tournaments in the schedule are the $109 buy-in Poker Maximus III Main Event which has a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool, and the $530 buy-in Hi-Roller Main Event which carries a guarantee of $200,000. However, there are two other “Main Events” scheduled for the climax of the series – a “micro” buy-in tournament ($11.00) which has a guarantee of $20,000 and a “low” buy-in Main Event ($55.00) which wraps up Poker Maximus III and guarantees a prize fund of $100,000.

Poker Maximus Leaderboard Competition

Running alongside the Poker Maximus poker tournament series will be a leaderboard competition with over $5,000 in addition prizes to be won. Players who perform well in the Poker Maximus tournaments will be awarded points based on the buy-in value of the tournament, the number of players that participate in the tournament and the individual´s finishing position. A bonus multiplier is also applied to players who make the final table of any event.

In addition to the top ten players on the leaderboard winning cash prizes, unique Poker Maximus accolades will be awarded to players finishing in the top 100 leaderboard positions. Accolades appear adjacent to player´s avatars and having one which advertises you performed well in the Poker Maximus III series will strike fear into the hearts of players who join you at the table – well, you might get a little more respect than usual!

Poker Maximus Satellites

No specific Poker Maximus satellites have yet been announced, but players who win tournament tickets or coupons in the tournament satellite games currently available on Carbon Poker will be able to use them to enter Poker Maximus events. Players looking for undersubscribed satellites which offer the best opportunity to qualify for the Poker Maximus III Main Event should investigate some of the $11.00 turbo 1 re-buy tournaments which are hosted around 2.00am GMT (9.00pm server time). In some, as many as five x $109.00 tournament coupons are guaranteed, yet often no more than 30 players take part in the events! You heard it hear first, at!

Poker Maximus III Schedule

The schedule is obviously targeted to attract the maximum number of US poker players. The times quoted below are “server time” which is -5 hours GMT, so a tournament which is advertised to start at 19:00 will be kicking off at 3.00pm in Los Angeles, 6.00pm in New York, midnight in Paris and at 3.45am in Kathmandu (You can hear online Nepalese poker players complaining from here!).

ID # Date Time Game Type Buy-In Guarantee
1 Thursday Nov 29th 19.00 NLHE Freezeout $215.00 $75,000
2 Thursday Nov 29th 19.30 NLHE Freezeout $11.00 $20,000
3 Thursday Nov 29th 20.00 NLHE Freezeout 6-Max $109.00 $50,000
4 Friday Nov 30th 19.00 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $33.00 $10,000
5 Friday Nov 30th 19.30 NLHE Freezeout $109.00 $45,000
6 Friday Nov 30th 20.00 NLHE Re-Buy $11.00 $25,000
7 Saturday Dec 1st 15.00 NLHE Re-Buy $33.00 $25,000
8 Saturday Dec 1st 16.00 Fixed Limit Hold´em $109.00 $5,000
9 Saturday Dec 1st 17.00 NLHE Freezeout Turbo $215.00 $50,000
10 Sunday Dec 2nd 15.00 NLHE Freezeout $109.00 $125,000
11 Sunday Dec 2nd 16.00 NLHE Freezeout $530.00 $125,000
12 Sunday Dec 2nd 17.00 HORSE Mixed Poker $33.00 $10,000
13 Sunday Dec 2nd 18.00 NLHE 1 Re-Buy 1 Add-On $11.00 $10,000
14 Monday Dec 3rd 19.00 NLHE Freezeout Turbo $215.00 $75,000
15 Monday Dec 3rd 19.30 NLHE Heads-Up $33.00 $10,000
16 Monday Dec 3rd 20.00 Stud Poker $60.00 $5,000
17 Tuesday Dec 4th 19.00 Pot Limit Omaha $60.00 $10,000
18 Tuesday Dec 4th 19.30 NLHE Turbo Re-Buy $60.00 $30,000
19 Tuesday Dec 4th 20.00 NLHE 6-Max Re-Buy $11.00 $20,000
20 Wednesday Dec 5th 19.00 NLHE Freezeout $109.00 $40,000
21 Wednesday Dec 5th 19.30 NLHE 1 Re-Buy 1 Add-On $33.00 $20,000
22 Wednesday Dec 5th 20.00 Fixed Limit Hold´em $60.00 $5,000
23 Thursday Dec 6th 19.00 NLHE Freezeout Deepstack $11.00 $15,000
24 Thursday Dec 6th 19.30 HORSE Mixed Poker $215.00 $20,000
25 Thursday Dec 6th 20.00 NLHE Re-Buy $60.00 $30,000
26 Friday Dec 7th 19.00 NLHE Freezeout Deepstack $215.00 $50,000
27 Friday Dec 7th 19.30 Pot Limit Omaha $33.00 $5,000
28 Friday Dec 7th 20.00 Stud Poker Hi/Lo $60.00 $5,000
29 Saturday Dec 8th 15.00 NLHE Heads-Up $109.00 $10,000
30 Saturday Dec 8th 16.00 NLHE 6-Max 1 Re-Buy 1 Add-On $33.00 $20,000
31 Saturday Dec 8th 17.00 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $60.00 $10,000
32 Sunday Dec 9th 15.00 NLHE Freezeout Main Event 1 $109.00 $150,000
33 Sunday Dec 9th 16.00 NLHE Freezeout Main Event 2 $530.00 $200,000
34 Sunday Dec 9th 17.00 NLHE Freezeout Main Event 3 $11.00 $20,000
35 Sunday Dec 9th 18.00 NLHE Freezeout Main Event 4 $60.00 $100,000


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