Free Poker Training With Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Download is happy to announce a great new promotion available by signing up at Carbon Poker. Play enough to pay just $1 in rake and you will receive a free month of training from Drag The Bar.

Drag the Bar is one of the best poker training sites on the web. They feature a great staff of coaches making videos, articles and forum posts to help students learn to earn more money playing online poker. Coaches featured on the sites include Hunter “BeachJustice” Bick and Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt. There are over 30 coaches at Drag the Bar. Whether you prefer to play Hold’em, Omaha, cash games, tournaments or sit&go’s, Raise the Bar has specialists with ideas to improve your game.

They feature over 1000 different videos and about 40 brand new videos are added each month. This library alone is worth quite a bit, but there is also a friendly forum in which the pros will answer questions as well as the ability to post your own videos for comment.

Use Carbon Poker bonus code CARBONPK when making your first deposit to receive a $750 sign up bonus and automatically become eligible for your free Drag the Bar membership. It is best to start your membership at the beginning of the month to take full advantage of the promotion.

All you need to do is rake $1 for the first free month. After the first month, you can continue your Drag the Bar membership for free by raking at least $500 at Carbon Poker. Doing so will provide your membership at absolutely no cost. You will not need to use points and it will not take away from any other promotions or bonuses.

Once you sign up at Carbon through Carbon Poker Download, you must claim your free training by visiting Drag the Bar and filling out the form.

Then it’s up to you to take advantage of the training and videos they offer. Spending just a little time studying and practicing your game will show great rewards on the tables in terms of less tilt and more money in your bankroll. So sign up and start dragging more pots with Drag the Bar and Carbon Poker today!

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